Attention: We no longer sell honey on line.
It is available exclusively at Rennengers Market in Mt. Dora, Florida.

If you spend time with Henry, you soon realize that consumption of honey is only part of a greater experience. After all there is a lot to consider.
Honey is usually judged by it's type, color, flavor, and moisture content. An emerging group of honey aficionados are equally interested in where the hives are located, and when it was harvested. Like wine, honey flavors are unique and easily recognized if you know what you are tasting. Henry believes that providing detailed information about our crops and flora will add greatly to the overall consumer experience. When you click on a type of honey from the menu on the left, you are presented with detailed descriptions of the source of the nectar, how and where it grows including map locations, how to identify them as you travel our highways. Henry shares his expertise as a seasoned beekeeper to bring us the highest quality honey available and that means "quality according to Henry Parker". All of the honey offerings at Sweet Thing Honey Plantation are 100% Pure Raw Unheated, and Unfiltered. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section for more.
Henry is retired as a major honey producer, but he still maintains hives around the plantation to make local Lake County wild flower. His current responsibilities include overseeing honey house operations, and traveling to visit other beekeepers, mostly friends, visiting their locations to procure the finest available honey before it goes to the general market. Experienced beekeepers know when a season or crop has produced an exceptional honey. It's Henry's mission to bring that quality of honey to your table.

USA honey

American honey! Pure raw honey unheated and unfiltered. Bee pollen and Royal Jelly web site USA!

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